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About Us

In business since 1997, Kingdom Worldwide Web Operations, Inc. (KWWWO, Inc.) specializes in analyzing, managing, and supporting your e-commerce business. In today's thriving and competitive Internet-based commercial markets, you need to stay one step ahead of your peers to ensure a successful, profitable, and long-term viability in the marketplace. We help our clients develop a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace in which they compete and to help manage the process of developing and implementing specific on-line strategies.

What We Do

KWWWO, Inc. provides expert solutions for all your e-commerce needs. Whether you're just getting started with your online business, or you need informed advice on the latest industry trends, KWWWO, Inc. is here for you. We have the experience and knowledge to get your small- to medium-sized business on track in a fast-paced, point-and-click virtual world.

Our specialties include:

  • Market and customer analysis and the development of market segmentation schemes and related target marketing strategies, including the analysis of primary demand factors, buyer identification and evaluation, market segment evaluation and the development of database segmentation models.
  • Consumer information processing, with an in-depth analysis of the biases, heuristics and other factors that influence the way information is processed and interpreted.
  • Market measurement and the development of appropriate market forecasting techniques so that market potential can be accurately assessed, high-potential markets targeted and sales forecasted and the development of internal databases to monitor these areas.
  • Profitability and productivity analysis to look at cross-elasticity effects, variable versus fixed costs, cost/volume relationships and budgeting for improved customer service and satisfaction.
  • Product and service development programs including the new product development process, product/market testing, the timing of new product introductions, preference and satisfaction testing.
  • Detailed analysis of the antecedents and consequences of customer satisfaction to determine the optimal level of satisfaction in our clients' areas of operation.
  • Development of brand strategies with a focus on the maximization of long-term brand equity through the appropriate manipulation of factors pertaining to brand awareness, brand character and brand extensions.
  • Pricing analysis including an analysis of market, segment and company elasticity factors, product/service line considerations, the political legal environment and the overall marketing strategy.

Our Corporate Mission

The online revolution has forever changed the way companies do business. At the same time that the Internet is a potentially lucrative business venue, we at KWWWO, Inc. know that it can be also a volatile and difficult place. Our corporate mission is to provide both new and established companies with quality, reliable service to optimize their profit and credibility within their respective ecommerce markets.Once you've decided to take the first step in creating, improving, or managing your Internet-based business, KWWWO, Inc. will be there to help you every step of the way.